sap memory management

memory in SAP.jpg

System dialog step

  • Data is passed from the SAPGUI to the dispatcher using the SAPGUI protocol based on TCP/IP
  • The dispatcher classifies the request and places it in the appropriate request queue
  • The request is passed in order of receipt to a free dialog work process
  • The subprocess ”taskhandler” restores the user context in a step known as ”roll in”. The user context contains mainly data from currently running transactions called by this user and its authorizations
  • The taskhandler calls the dynpro processor to convert the screen data to ABAP variables
  • The ABAP processor executes the coding of the ”Process after Input” module (PAI module) from the preceding screen, along with the ”Process before Output” module (PBO module) of the following screen.It also communicates, if necessary, with the database
  • The dynpro processor then converts the ABAP variables again to screen fields. When the dynpro processor has finished its task, the taskhandler becomes active again
  • The current user context is stored by the taskhandler in shared memory (roll out)
  • Resulting data is returned through the dispatcher to the front end

memory DB -AS SAP



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